I am the founding Programme Director of the Oxford Impact Measurement Programme, a 5-day executive education programme at the Said Business School, University of Oxford.

I also co-lead an executive programme on Impact Measurement and Management for Investors at the University of Cape Town, and have previously delivered executive training in Ghana, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Canada, and the US.

Executive Education: Oxford Impact Measurement Programme

This 5-day executive education programme at the Said Business School at Oxford is designed to bring clarity to core concepts and issues related to impact measurement, navigate the landscape of tools and approaches, critical examine issues and practices, and be equipped to measure and manage for impact in the private, public, and social sectors.

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Day 1 - Framing Impact

What is impact? Who defines impact? What counts?
Concepts, frameworks, and definitions
Critical perspectives and issues
Contextual influences and choices


Day 2 - Evidence & Perspectives

What constitutes evidence of impact?
How do we define changes?
Whose perspectives are prioritized?
Individual vs organizational vs systems


Day 3 - Measurement Approaches

Refining your theory of change
Stakeholder voices and feedback loops
Monetizing impact and SROI
Examples of selected tools / frameworks


Day 4 - Decision-Making

Evaluating choices and tradeoffs
Outcomes contracting
Gender dimensions of data
Impact risk and negative impacts


Day 5 - Prospects

Technology for impact
Ethics and responsible data
System level perspectives
Mainstreaming impact

Impact Measurement and Management for Investors - University of Cape Town

Designed and implemented a 4-day executive program for impact investors and impact investing funds on impact measurement and management (IMM) at the Graduate School of Business at UCT. Included the key stages and decisions in developing an impact thesis, results framework and measurement approach, impact due diligence and data collection, and impact management for transactions and portfolios.

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Executive Training on Evaluating Impact Investing in Africa - Ghana and South Africa

Co-developed the syllabus for an executive course on evaluating impact investing in Africa, and delivered executive training sessions with university partners in Accra and Johannesburg. A set of 24 modules were organized under three broad themes — building the field of impact investing, measuring the success of impact investments, and understanding the special issues within the African context.

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Social Entrepreneurship - Schulich School of Business, York University (Toronto)

Co-developed and co-taught this semester-long (12 weeks) undergraduate course for three years, with a focus on business modelling for social entrepreneurship.

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Social Entrepreneurship - Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto

Co-developed and co-taught this semester-long (12 weeks) graduate-level engineering course for three years, with a focus on systems change and business models.

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